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Terrazzo Polishing and Terrazzo Scratch Removal

Sometimes normal cleaning is not enough, if there is excessive dirt, layers of coatings, severe scratches, or if the floor has severe wear, the surface may be have to be cleaned using fine grit grinding and resurfacing screens. This method will remove a thin layer of the terrazzo surface and should only be used when other methods won't get the job done.. This form of terrazzo repair must be performed by an experienced professional.

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For resin epoxy, coarse diamonds are used to grind the imperfections down, and are used to remove a thin layer of the surface, often down to the aggregate. Coarse diamond laden pads are used until all necessary material is removed from the surface. The diamond grinding will often leave marks and scratches on the floor which can be removed with finer grinding or polishing. Most epoxy terrazzo requires grouting to fill pin-holes. A special thin version of the resin is used for this. After the required drying time, excess grout amterial is removed by additional light grinding. At this point a sealer may be applied.

Cementitious systems require large three-phase grinders. Working from a course disk to remove imperfections and damage down to a medium grit to smooth the finish. A sealer is often applied prior to final polishing.

As experienced contractors, we know that diamond polishing success will depend on how well the initial floor was installed. The flatter the floor, the better the results. Often before the diamond polishing prices are finalized, there may be a need to consider the amount of additional grinding required to get satisfactory results. Any small lips and imperfections can adversely affect the end result of the diamond polishing stage. Diamond polishers can now be utilised to apply a distinct and highly reflective shine to the terrazzo, using special diamonds. Inside corners, edges and inaccessible areas, are hand polished.

hand polishing

It is now ready for the terrazzo cleaning process. As you can imagine- it's a task suited to professionals. We love what we do and it shows in our work.

Our terrazzo repair contractors service the following Florida areas.
Cape Coral & Ft Myers ~ Ft Lauderdale ~ Jacksonville & Gainesville
Miami & The Keys ~ Orlando & Daytona ~ Pensacola & Panama City
Space Coast ~ Tallahassee ~ Tampa and West Palm Beach
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